6 Point Checklist: Planning A Successful Fun Day

  • January 9, 2023
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Let's be honest...planning an event is a lot of work, so why not make sure it is an unforgettable one?

Here at Amuzing Fun Rentals, we offer a wide selection of fun and exciting equipment to help make your event a huge success as after all, Amuzing you is all we know! 

Whether it’s a small corporate fun day for 25 guests or a large scale event for 2,000 people, we can provide entertainment for all ages to keep everyone entertained all day long....well a good four hours is usually a proven hit duration, but we can cater to longer or shorter events.

There are key aspects you need to take into account when planning such an event. From safety insurance to the venue, it’s imperative to have all the necessary ducks in a row. To ensure your Corporate or Family Fun Day is a giant triumph and goes ahead without any hiccups, here are 6 key things to think about when planning a fun day…

1. Insurance

Whatever equipment you’re hiring, be it the Mirror Photo Booth and Giant Games or Inflatables, each piece of equipment fully insured and inspected to ensure it is safe and secure to protect all those on the premises. Make sure any company you are working with is fully insured and takes the necessary safety precautions. It’s ok to ask for proof of safety liceneces and insurance. 

2. Choose the date wisely

If you don’t want your fun day to be a washout, choose the date carefully. Summertime is better for outdoor fun. Springtime, as beautiful as it is here in the Okanagan, we all know how quickly weather can change and be unpredictable. Even in the summer, a contingency plan is always a good idea, such as planning for tents in case it rains.

Try to do your homework too and find out if any other big community events are taking place around the same time. If the date clashes, it will affect how many people turn up. 

3. Venue & Time

Where is the fun day going to take place and at what time?

You need to decide where the event will be held and book it well in advance. In terms of location, make sure there is plenty of room for large outdoor equipment set up. There are lots of great venues that have the room for bounce houses etc. If you need some suggestions on venues, please let us know. We can also provide measurements for all of our equipment. 

What time will the event kick off? If it’s a family fun day, it needs to be early enough for children to attend but bear in mind you need to give yourself plenty of time to get everything up and running on the day.

Likewise, time should be taken into consideration for the cleanup. 

4. Read (Shout) all about it!

How will people know about your fun day? Promote the event through local businesses, social media, radio, newsletters, emails, posters. The more places you share the event, the more chances you have of a great turnout. Another great place to share your event is Visit Penticton’s event page

Marketing is key, so shout about it through all possible platforms including social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. All forms of social media have proven over the last ten years just how vital and massive an influence they are on the public.

What’s more, shout about it DURING the event. Get a #hashtag going to encourage spectators to share pictures on Facebook and Instagram and get lots of photos to give to the press.

5. Legalities

Food and Drink

If you are selling food and drink on your fun day, make sure you look at the Food Standard Agency to follow their guidelines.

Raffles and 50/50’s

There are strict laws relating to raffles and lotteries which you’d need to check the Gambling Commision’s website for more details. 

Liquor licenses

You’ll need to apply to ______________if you plan on providing or selling any alcohol at your event.

Speak to the venue beforehand as they might have a license already.  

6. What happens after the event?

Too many people don't think about what will happen after the event, as they’re so caught up with planning it. 

The follow up is just as important as the event itself. 

Make sure you send a thank you email to all suppliers and providers that helped to make the event the great fun day that it was! Also, send out a press release to local media for print and online.

We all love a great success story and it can have a big impact on our community and brand awareness! 

So there you have it, a 6 point guide to planning a fun, successful fun day! If you need help planning a fun day this year, be sure to get in touch by calling us at +1-888-301-5075.

If you need a list of venues, other local suppliers, local event planner, etc  for your upcoming event, request a copy of our FREE EVENT GUIDE.

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